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About ME!

November 2007 to Present

My wife and I moved to sunny, warm, Phoenix, Arizona to escape the cold and snow of Pennsylvania.  We love the climate, the people here are GREAT, and the riding is SPECTACULAR!  I was lucky to find ATR (Arizona Trail Riders) and plenty of great guys and gals to ride with here in the Valley of the Sun.

April 2007 to November 2007

We sold off whatever didn't fit in our RV and spent 8 months traveling around North America.  It was the best trip of my life and we'd still be living the dream if we hadn't run out of money.

Birth to April 2007

Born and bred in Reading, PA.  Grew up riding dirt bikes.  Raced a Honda CRX in SCCA Hill Climb and track events for about 8 years or so.  I got back into dirt bike riding, joined RORR (Reading Off Road Riders), and started running enduros in the East Coast Enduro Assoc.  I bought my first big bike, a Triumph Tiger, found ADVRider, and then moved on to my first KTM 950 Adventure.  Now I have found my place in life.

Contact ME!

Comments? Questions? Criticism? To contact me, please send me an e-mail.