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Number of Rides : 36
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The Island - New River Mesa
Carefree AZ

Mix of easy and hard jeep roads with lots of rocks, steep climbs, crazy descents, and awesome views! Super hard for big dualsport bikes, not to bad for dirt bikes.

2011 Coke Ovens Ride
Superior AZ

2011 Ride to the Coke Ovens

Mile Markers Oasis Trail
Lake Pleasant AZ

Awesome single track trails at Boulders / Mile Markers riding area.

Lower Sycamore
Fountain Hills AZ

30 mile mix of single track, rocky hills, and sandy washes.

Wing Mountain Single Track
Flagstaff AZ

Great single track trails at Wing Mountain in the Coconino National Forest.

Return to Wildcat
Carefree AZ

Awesome single track riding at Wildcat!

Imperial Sand Dunes
Gordon Wells CA

Sand riding at the Imperial Sand Dunes

Aussie in AZ - Coke Ovens Ride
Superior AZ

Epic ride to the Coke Ovens

Spookfest at the Mile Markers
Boulders OHV-Lake Pleasant AZ

Riding single track at the Boulders OHV Area west of Lake Pleasant. The 4x4's were having a BIG Halloween rally. Trails included 2, 3, 8, 10, 11, 12, Wilderness Road, and Morgan City Wash.

Howlin' at the Moon A Loop Maint
Crown King AZ

Emergency trail cleanup ride down the Bradshaw Trail.

Crown King Ryland Creek
Crown King AZ

Back way to Crown King from Lake Pleasant landing strip returning via Minnehaha and Ryland Creek.

Crown King Bull Run Ride
Crown King AZ

Ride from Bumble Bee to Crown King via Turkey Creek to Cleator. Blue Belle Mine Road to Mayer. Bull Run to Battle Flat. Tuscumbia Creek Trail 215 to Bradshaw Trial and continuing to Senator Highway to Crown King. From Crown King down Bull Run to Peck Mine Road back to Bumble Bee.

Boulders Death March
Lake Pleasant AZ

Riding in the intense heat of the Valley of the Sun at the Boulders OHV area at Mile Marker 11.5 on the Carefree Highway near Lake Pleasant.

Sunflower Mine Gold Ridge Trail #47
Sunflower AZ

'Super rocky ride up to Sunflower mine. Rocky trail continues back to the main access road. Gold Ridge trail #47 links main access road (#201) back to the Beeline Highway. Trail 47 is grown over, washed out, and nearly impassible in places. Packing a shovel and saw is a good idea

12 Miles of Creek Crossings
Bumble Bee AZ

Ride from Bumble Bee to Cleator via Turkey Creek. Recon to the top of the hill at Desoto Mine. Crown King for lunch. Peck Mine and FR9268 back to Desoto Mine. Great ride with some short tough spots.

Attack of the Trail - Lane and Tip Top
New River AZ

First attempt at the Lane trail and fourth attempt at the Tip Top Trail. Going up Lane is definitely a bad idea. Going up Tip Top is doable, just try to start fresh.

Montana Mountain Ride
Superior AZ

Riding the Montana Mountain loop near Superior, AZ. Staying on the main roads, this is an easy ride. Take the options to spice things up a bit.

Imperial Sand Dunes Take 2
Gordon Wells CA

Amazing riding in the deepest, softest, sand. Great bowls and 240 foot hill climbs.

Bradshaw Trail Crown King
Crown King AZ

Ride from the Lake Pleasant Landing Strip staging area up the Backway to Crown King. Brunch at the Mill then on to Towers Mountain and the Bradshaw Trail. Returning to Lake Pleasant via Senator Highway, Wagoner Road and Ryland Creek. Bradshaw Trail is for the most experienced riders!

Imperial Sand Dunes South
Ogilby Road CA

Amazing riding in the deepest, softest, sand. Great bowls and 240 foot hill climbs.

ATR Cleanup / Crown King Ride
Crown King AZ

Arizona Trail Riders Adopt-A-Highway clean up at the Boulders OHV riding area on the Carefree Highway east of Wickenburg, Arizona followed by a ride up the Back Way to Crown King.

Fear this Trail
Tip Top AZ

Ride from Lake Pleasant air strip across the Agua Fria river to Boulder Creek, Tip Top Mine, Packer Ghost Town and the Milk Ranch. A few side trails were explored before returning to the staging area. Not a route for the faint at heart.

Tip Top Comedy of Misfortune
Tip Top AZ

A comedy of misfortune highlights this 25 mile ride around Tip Top.

Petroglyph/Mine Tour
Cordes Junction AZ

100 mile ride on Perry Mesa visiting Indian Ruins, Petroglyphs, abandoned mines, and the jeep roads less traveled.

Rio Verde Ride
Rio Verde AZ

260 miles and as many as 23 riders showed up for an uncharacteristically easy Nightstalker ride from Rio Verde to Cordes Junction, Kirkland Junction, and Wickenburg.

Back way to Crown King, Minnehaha, Ryland Creek
Crown King AZ

Ride from Lake Pleasant to Crown King the Back Way. Some fooling around in Horse Thief Basin. Return thru Minnehaha and Ryland Creek.

Copperopolis Ride
Wickenburg AZ

Dirt bike ride from Lake Pleasant airstirp to Copperopolis, Isaac Bradshaw gravesite, Wickenburg, Castle Hot Springs, and Hell Gate. Nearly 100 miles of HOT HOT HOT temps.

Mile Markers Ride
Lake Pleasant AZ

The Mile Markers (aka the Boulders) is a popular riding area near Lake Pleasant, in the Hieroglyphic Mountains, northwest of Phoenix, AZ.

Mile Markers Ride
Lake Pleasant AZ

The Mile Markers (aka the Boulders) is a popular riding area near Lake Pleasant, in the Hieroglyphic Mountains, northwest of Phoenix, AZ.

Granite Mountain Dirt Bike Ride
Scottsdale AZ

Great off road area with marked single track trails!

The Island
Carefree AZ

The Island is a challenging ride but not overly difficult. Great views and loads of fun. There are a few hills that are a interesting climb, but they are short so it's easy to regroup.

Table Mesa Expedition Ride
Carefree AZ

If you stay off NF17, the ride is easy to moderate. NF17 is extreme, rocks, mud, hills. Make sure that your equipment is in order before attempting, or have a very good friend who flys a helicopter.

Bulldog Canyon Ride
Apache Junction AZ

Deep sand, hugh rocks, steep climbs, broken bikes, getting lost, and single track are just part of the fun we had on this ride.

Painted Rock Dam and Sonoran National Monument
Gila Bend AZ

Easy riding when dry. Can be tricky in the wet. Make sure you know where you are going before you take off in the desert. There are many unmarked turns and it can very easy to get off the trail. This ride skirts sensitive wilderness areas so STAY ON THE TRAIL! Spectactular scenery awaits around every corner!

Bartlett Lake Verde River Ride
Carefree AZ

SAND! Pima Dynamite Road is fast, hard packed sand with lots of small whoops. Camp Creek and the Bartlett Lake area is deep soft sand. It's managable if you can keep your speeds up. Most of the area is closed to motorized vehicles at this time.

Canyon Ride - Martinez, Box, Telegraph
Florence AZ

Ride from Florence to Box Canyon is easy grated roads. Box Canyon has some easy rocky sections and step ups. Martinez Canyon is generally easy with short difficult rocky sections. Telegraph Canyon and Ajax Mine Road are generally easy with short rocky sections and very steep climbs and descents.