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Number of Rides : 43
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Smugmug Gallery Ride Description

Sycamore Skill Shoot
Fountain Hills AZ

Sycamore skills training and photo shoot

Video on Location - Sycamore
Fountain Hills AZ

On location with the Video production team at Sycamore OHV.

Sycamore Mesquite
Fountain Hills AZ

25 miles of sweet Sycamore single track in the heat of Arizona monsoon season.

Sycamore Log Corral
Fountain Hills AZ

Hard jeep roads, fun single track, and some easy jeep roads make a great loop.

Sycamore Groundhog Day
Fountain Hills AZ

Great singletrack riding at Sycamore!

Rug Road
Mammoth AZ

Rocky, rocky, rocky, jeep road from Mammoth to Klondyke

2012 ADVRider Thanksgiving Coke Ovens Ride
Superior AZ

20+ riders converge on Superior Arizona for the 2012 annual ADVRider Thanksgiving Coke Ovens ride.

Sycamore Jungle Wash
Fountain Hills AZ

Awesome single track and awful grown over washes

Lynx Lake Single Track
Prescott AZ

Jeep, ATV, and single track trails near Lynx Lake

2012 Howlin' at the Moon A Loop Preview
Pumkin Center AZ

A great blend of jeep 4x4 roads, ATV trails, and sweet single track!

PNF - Little Wolf - Dandrea - Golden Eagle Trails
Mayer AZ

Ride up steep singletrack switchback riddled Little Wolf, and ATV sized Dandrea and Golden Eagle Trails.

PNF Discovery Tour
Mayer AZ

Searching out new trails from the Prescott National Forest Travel Management Rule map.

Copper Canyon
Camp Verde AZ

Insane hard rocky hills with some bladed graded roads and some nice flowy two track. A number of dead ends and locked gates.

Copperopolis Ride
Lake Pleasant AZ

Jeep road ride to historic Copperopolis and Lehman Mill. Mostly easy jeep roads, but some rocky and steep.

Upper Sycamore / Mesquite
Fountain Hills AZ

Riding hard single track trails at Sycamore riding area in the Tonto National Forest

2011 Coke Ovens Ride
Superior AZ

2011 Ride to the Coke Ovens

Apache Leap, Montana Mountain, Millsite Canyon
Superior AZ

Cool jeep road loop around Superior. Not big bike friendly unless you're Dillon or Yardstick or Montek.

Dual Sport Desert Daze - Tale of the Dragoon
Dragoon AZ

Easy graded dirt roads along the Arizona / Mexico border.

Sycamore Cement Creek Rope Ride
Sycamore AZ

Hike a bike ride through Cement Creek from the Sycamore riding area west of 4 Peaks.

Aussie in AZ - Coke Ovens Ride
Superior AZ

Epic ride to the Coke Ovens

ATR Howlin' at the Moon AMA National Dual Sport
Prescott AZ

2 days of perfect riding in the Bradshaw mountains between Prescott and Crown King

ATR Howlin' at the Moon AMA National Dual Sport
Prescott AZ

2 days of perfect riding in the Bradshaw mountains between Prescott and Crown King

Crown King Bull Run Ride
Crown King AZ

Ride from Bumble Bee to Crown King via Turkey Creek to Cleator. Blue Belle Mine Road to Mayer. Bull Run to Battle Flat. Tuscumbia Creek Trail 215 to Bradshaw Trial and continuing to Senator Highway to Crown King. From Crown King down Bull Run to Peck Mine Road back to Bumble Bee.

Prescott Lynx Lake Single Track
Prescott AZ

Tough single track with steep never ending hills. Cooler temps recommended.

Sycamore Single Track
Fountain Hills AZ

Riding sweet single track at Sycamore

Wildcat - Suspension Test Ride
Carefree AZ

Testing my new Palo Verde MX Tech suspension at Wildcat. Singletrack, rocks, sand, it was all good!!

Mingus Mountain, Jerome, and Smiley Rock Trail
Jerome AZ

Mostly easy riding through the high elevations of Mingus Mountain. Some big bike moderate short rocky sections dropping into Jerome and climbing Martin Canyon on Smiley Rock Trail. Fun fun fun scenic riding!

Easter Egg Cruelsport Ride
New River AZ

Exploration ride of some trails off Table Mesa road in New River, AZ. Pretty much a full day of extreme rock riding.

Sheep Bridge / Horseshoe Dam Ride
Carefree AZ

A normally easy loop with a couple of short challenging sections made more difficult by recent rain storms. Highlights are Sheep Bridge and Horseshoe Dam.

The Luge
Florence AZ

Riding tough jeep roads from Florence thru Box Canyon, Martinez Canyon, and The Luge.

Sycamore Mesquite Wash Ride
Fountain Hills AZ

Single track riding in the Tonto National Forest Sycamore OHV area at Mequite Wash. Lots of rain made the ride excellent and interesting.

Wildcat Take 2
Carefree AZ

More fun single track riding in the Tonto National Forest Wildcat OHV area with a trip down to the Verde river at Needle Rock.

London Bridge KILLED my VStrom Ride
Lake Havasu AZ

400+ mile ride from Phoenix to London Bridge in Lake Havasu. Mostly easy ultra fast dirt roads from Wickenburg past Alamo Lake into Lake Havasu. A couple of real deep gravel / sand sections crossing the Big Sandy River and on the last 10 miles or so into Lake Havasu.

Great Western Trail Cave Creek to Dugas
Cave Creek AZ

150 mile mostly easy big bike friendly loop with a few short moderate sections. Be sure to stop at the Chuckwagon in Mayer for lunch!

Coke Ovens Massacre Ride
Superior AZ

Extrememly difficult ride in the remote deserts of Arizona. Telegraph Canyon is moderate, Coke Ovens is hard, Martinez Canyon is extreme.

Bradshaw Trail Crown King
Crown King AZ

Ride from the Lake Pleasant Landing Strip staging area up the Backway to Crown King. Brunch at the Mill then on to Towers Mountain and the Bradshaw Trail. Returning to Lake Pleasant via Senator Highway, Wagoner Road and Ryland Creek. Bradshaw Trail is for the most experienced riders!

Mogollon Rim Rendezvous AMA National 2 Day Dual Sport Ride
Payson AZ

200 riders converged on Payson Arizona for 2 days of awesome dual sport riding. The AMA National Mogollon Rim Rendezvous presented by Arizona Trail Riders along with BMW and KTM.

Bike Night @ TT Roadhouse
Scottsdale AZ

ADVRider Bike Night at TT Roadhouse

Rio Verde Ride
Rio Verde AZ

260 miles and as many as 23 riders showed up for an uncharacteristically easy Nightstalker ride from Rio Verde to Cordes Junction, Kirkland Junction, and Wickenburg.

Westfest 2009 Friday
Buena Vista CO

Weston Pass and Mosquito Pass. Lunch in Alma and hail storms in Fairplay.

Wagoner Road, Mayer, Dugas, Verde Hot Springs, Childs, Bloody Basin
Dugas AZ

Great fun ride from Lake Pleasant to Mayer. Brutal rocks and hills from Dugas to Bloody Basin. Wagoner Road is still my favorite ride.

The Island
Carefree AZ

The Island is a challenging ride but not overly difficult. Great views and loads of fun. There are a few hills that are a interesting climb, but they are short so it's easy to regroup.

Bulldog Canyon Ride
Apache Junction AZ

Deep sand, hugh rocks, steep climbs, broken bikes, getting lost, and single track are just part of the fun we had on this ride.