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Smugmug Gallery Ride Description

ATR New Years Eve
Phoenix AZ

High flying minibikes at the ATR New Years Eve Party

Table Mesa Ride
Cave Creek AZ

This is the 2nd failed attempt to do some exploring off Table Mesa Road. Ice ended our ride early.

Painted Rock Dam and Sonoran National Monument
Gila Bend AZ

Easy riding when dry. Can be tricky in the wet. Make sure you know where you are going before you take off in the desert. There are many unmarked turns and it can very easy to get off the trail. This ride skirts sensitive wilderness areas so STAY ON THE TRAIL! Spectactular scenery awaits around every corner!

Bartlett Lake Verde River Ride
Carefree AZ

SAND! Pima Dynamite Road is fast, hard packed sand with lots of small whoops. Camp Creek and the Bartlett Lake area is deep soft sand. It's managable if you can keep your speeds up. Most of the area is closed to motorized vehicles at this time.

Canyon Ride - Martinez, Box, Telegraph
Florence AZ

Ride from Florence to Box Canyon is easy grated roads. Box Canyon has some easy rocky sections and step ups. Martinez Canyon is generally easy with short difficult rocky sections. Telegraph Canyon and Ajax Mine Road are generally easy with short rocky sections and very steep climbs and descents.

Box Canyon, Cottonwood Canyon
Florence AZ

There are many easy jeep roads in this area. There's also plenty of fun ATV sized trails. Beware, if the RED FLAG is flying, this area is OFF LIMITS!

Hassayampa River Castle Hot Springs Ride
Wickenburg AZ

Hassayampa River has some deep sandy sections and is generally easy if you like sand. Castle Hot Springs Road is SUPER EASY and can be completed in a passenger vehicle. There are a couple of short technical sections on the trail connecting Hassayampa to Castle Hot Springs.

Arizona Trail Riders Dual Sport & Adventure Ride
Payson AZ

Arizona Trails Riders layed out some awesome loops for smaller sized dual sport bikes as well as full sized adventure machnines! Two days of fun!

New River to Black Canyon City
New River AZ

The trails between New River and Black Canyon City are EXTREME and not for the faint of heart adventure rider. This pass through Table Mesa Road found conditions excellent. The road is easy with a couple moderately challenging climbs.

Tip Top Mine, Gillette, Packer, Table Mesa Road West
New River AZ

Gillette is very easy to get to as long as the Agua Fria River isn't running. The road from Tip Top Mine to the Milk Ranch (end) was recently graded, however, there are a number of extreme climbs. Boulder Creek has lots of rocks and deep sand.

ATR Dual Sport Recon
Payson AZ

ATR Club work day recon ride in Payson, AZ.

Montana Mountain and Pinal Peak Ride
Superior AZ

The Montana Mountain loop is an easy ride with spectacular views. There are a few steep climbs that should be no problem for a rider with some off road experience, even with street tires. This loop is best ridden clockwise. Be sure to exit around the gate after the quary, otherwise take the 1 mile hill to the left which is rated EXTREMELY DIFFICULT. Pinal Peak is another easy loop of almost all graded roads.

Blessed Hellride - Farewell to Dirtydog
Crown King AZ

Day 1 of a 3 day farewell ride for JD - DirtyDog before his return to Oklahoma. The extreme section from Bumble Bee to Cleator was littered with slippery rocks and sticky mud.

Crown King via Wagoner Road and Peck Mine Road
Wickenburg AZ

Fast hard packed graded roads accent breath-taking scenery. Wagoner Road has a few challenging sections but is easily doable for big bike and inexperienced riders. Peck Mine Road features extreme hill climbs and terrible rocky sections. It has an impassible section about 2 miles from Senator Highway.

Montana Mountain and Telegraph Canyon
Superior AZ

The Montana Mountain loop is an easy ride with spectacular views. There are a few steep climbs that should be no problem for a rider with some off road experience, even with street tires. This loop is best ridden clockwise. Telegraph Canyon is a bit more difficult and has a couple of tough hills.

Box Canyon, Coke Ovens, BattleAx Trail
Florence AZ

The trail to and through Box Canyon is an easy fast ride. Once you make the turn off to the Coke Ovens the trail becomes progressively more difficult. Extreme climbs and descents and monster boulders fill the trails. One exit option is to cross the Gila River, an easy trail, a deep fast river crossing if you dare to take it. The second alternative route is BattleAx trail which begins with more boulders but eases up after a few miles.

Lake Pleasant to Crown King via Wagoner Road and Ryland Creek
Crown King AZ

The trail from Lake Pleasant to CK Rock is easy graded road. The trail from CK Rock to Wagoner Road is moderate with some difficult sections. Wagoner Road to Crown King is easy jeep road. Crown King to Bumble Bee is passenger car friendly graded dirt road.

Wagoner Road to Crown King
Crown King AZ

Wagoner Road to Crown King is easy jeep road. Crown King to Bumble Bee is passenger car friendly graded dirt road.

Table Mesa Road, Humbolt Mt Lookout and Seven Springs Road
New River AZ

Seven Springs Road from Carefree is easy fast graded dirt road. Same with the drive up to Humbolt Lookout, which provides spectacular 360 degrees views of Horseshoe Lake and the surrounding area. Table Mesa Road can be easy to moderate depending on recent weather events.

Montana Montain
Florence Junction AZ

We started the Montana Mountain Loop, however, technical difficults forced an early retreat.

Sheep Bridge & Horseshoe Dam
Carefree AZ

Easy ride up to Cordes Junction and across Bloody Basin Road to Sheep Bridge. The trail from Sheep Bridge to Horseshoe Dam is mostly easy except for crossing Deadman Wash, which can be very difficult. Crossing Horseshoe Dam on the walkway can be tricky. Crossing the dam while water is being released is SPECTACULAR!

Backway to Crown King from Lake Pleasant via Minnehaha
Crown King AZ

The backway to Crown King is easy up to CK Rock. From there the trail has some tremendous hill climbs and rocky sections. Not recommended for big bikes or inexperienced riders.

Cave Creek to Prescott via Seven Springs and Bloody Basin Roads
Prescott AZ

Great easy ride. Fast graded dirt roads. Scenery is better traveling from west to east. Crossing the Agua Fria River near Cordes Junction could be a problem after heavy rains. Otherwise the crossing is usually a trickle.

Arizona Bike Week Dual Sport Ride
Lake Pleasant AZ

Great rides through the Hieroglyphic mountains near Lake Pleasant.

Dual Sport Riding @ MM 11.5 Carefree Highway
Lake Pleasant AZ

Trails in the "Boulders" riding area near Lake Pleasant range from easy jeep roads to difficult single track.

Florence / Kelvin Highway
Florence AZ

Florence/Kelvin "Super" Highway is fast graded dirt. It's easy and very dusty.

Tucsan Dual Sport Ride
Tucsan AZ

Great dual sport ride out of Tucsan.

Turkey Creek, Sheep Bridge, Horseshoe Dam
Cordes Junction AZ

Turkey Creek trail from Bumble Bee to Cleator is extremely difficult. Bloody Basin from Cordes Junction to Sheep Bridge is easy graded dirt road. Sheep Bridge to Horseshoe Dam has some difficult sections.