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Smugmug Gallery Ride Description

Carefree AZ

Great singletrack riding at Wildcat.

Christmas Eve Wildcat
Carefree AZ

30 miles of single track riding at Wildcat.

Boulder's OHV Cleanup Ride
Lake Pleasant AZ

Arizona Trail Riders Adopt-A-Highway clean up and Boulder's OHV area single track ride.

Rug Road
Mammoth AZ

Rocky, rocky, rocky, jeep road from Mammoth to Klondyke

Wildcat KLR Single Track
Carefree AZ

Muscling a KLR 650 through some of the easier single track trails at Wildcat OHV Area.

Monday Wildcat
Carefree AZ

14 miles of the funnest singletrack that Wildcat has to offer!

2012 ADVRider Thanksgiving Coke Ovens Ride
Superior AZ

20+ riders converge on Superior Arizona for the 2012 annual ADVRider Thanksgiving Coke Ovens ride.

Monday Wildcat
Carefree AZ

ATR Monday Wildcat Ride

Wildcat Ruins Ride
Carefree AZ

Single Track Riding at Wildcat OHV Area

2012-11-12 Monday Wildcat
Carefree AZ

Monday singletrack ride at Wildcat OHV area.

2012 ATR Howlin at the Moon Dualsport/Adventure Ride
Payson AZ

2 day AMA National Dualsport/Adventure ride.

Turkey Creek & Desoto Mine
Bumble Bee AZ

Jeep road ride from Bumble Bee to Cleator and Crown King via Turkey Creek and Desoto Mine

Monday Wildcat
Carefree AZ

Short single track ride.

Sycamore Jungle Wash
Fountain Hills AZ

Awesome single track and awful grown over washes

Full Harvest Moon Night Ride
Carefree AZ

Night ride from Wildcat OHV up Seven Springs to Bloody Basin to Sheep Bridge to Horseshoe Dam and back.

2012 ATR Howlin at the Moon A Loop Preview
Payson AZ

Riding from Payson to Young through the pine forests of Arizona high country

Monday Wildcat
Carefree AZ

FAST! trails through Wildcat.

2012 ATR Howlin at the Moon Preview
Payson AZ

Awesome jeep and two track trail in the Tonto National Forest

Lynx Lake Single Track
Prescott AZ

Jeep, ATV, and single track trails near Lynx Lake

Fort Valley Single Track
Flagstaff AZ

Great single track trails in Flagstaff!

Monday Wildcat
Carefree AZ

Great single track trails at Wildcat!

Boulders OHV Area
Lake Pleasant AZ

Riding single track trails at Boulders OHV Area near Lake Pleasant

2012 Howlin' at the Moon A Loop Preview
Pumkin Center AZ

A great blend of jeep 4x4 roads, ATV trails, and sweet single track!

Sheep Bridge Night Ride
Carefree AZ

Easy jeep roads with a twist - riding at night under a full moon.

PNF - Little Wolf - Dandrea - Golden Eagle Trails
Mayer AZ

Ride up steep singletrack switchback riddled Little Wolf, and ATV sized Dandrea and Golden Eagle Trails.

PNF Discovery Tour
Mayer AZ

Searching out new trails from the Prescott National Forest Travel Management Rule map.

Copper Canyon
Camp Verde AZ

Insane hard rocky hills with some bladed graded roads and some nice flowy two track. A number of dead ends and locked gates.

CocoKaiPres Dualsport Ride
Cottonwood AZ

130 mile ride through cool Arizona high country including Coconino, Kaibab, and Prescott National Forests.

Carefree AZ

Fun single track riding at Wildcat OHV Area.

Payson to Slow Low to Payson
Payson AZ

2 day ride from Payson to Slow Low to Payson on Arizona back country roads.

Poor Man Gulch Turkey Creek Desoto Mine Bumble Bee Crown King
Bumble Bee AZ

Jeep road ride from Bumble Bee to Crown King along Turkey Creek, Poor Man Gulch, Cleator, Desoto Mine, Peck Mine Road. Super tough road 9210A from Cleator to Desoto Mine.

El Camino Del Diablo
Ajo AZ

2 days of riding El Camino Del Diablo, the Devil's Highway, from Ajo to Yuma and back to Ajo. Depending on the route taken, the length varies between 131 and 137 miles between gas stations. Expect deep sand, moondust, twisty roads, and parts that would be impassible when wet. Apart from the sand, the route is not overly difficult. Easy to follow on Organ Pipe and Cabeza Prieta, can be difficult with many confusing intersections on Barry M. Goldwater Range West. The deep sand would make this

The Island - New River Mesa
Carefree AZ

Mix of easy and hard jeep roads with lots of rocks, steep climbs, crazy descents, and awesome views! Super hard for big dualsport bikes, not to bad for dirt bikes.

Copperopolis Ride
Lake Pleasant AZ

Jeep road ride to historic Copperopolis and Lehman Mill. Mostly easy jeep roads, but some rocky and steep.

Sycamore - Pickax - Scaryokie - Rattlesnake - Skyline - Heavy Metal
Fountain Hills AZ

Awesome singletrack trails at Sycamore. Pickax is super hard, rocky, tight, and less traveled. Other classics of the area include Skyline, Rattlesnake, Heavy Metal, and ScaryOkie.

Boulders Waterfall Trail
Lake Pleasant AZ

Riding single track trails at Mile Marker 11.5, Boulders OHV Area near Lake Pleasant. Loop 2, Loop 3, Loop 5, Waterfall Trail.

Upper Sycamore / Mesquite
Fountain Hills AZ

Riding hard single track trails at Sycamore riding area in the Tonto National Forest

Phoenix Meets Tucson Chiva Falls
Tucson AZ

Great riding on rocky, steep, jeep roads east of Tucson off Reddington Road.

Phoenix Meets Tucson Charouleau Gap
Catalina AZ

Great riding on rocky, steep, jeep roads with loads of water crossings.

China Dam Tip Top Ride
Lake Pleasant AZ

Rocky and steep jeep roads near Lake Pleasant with a stop at China Dam, Gold Hill, and the ghosttown of Tip Top.

Oatman Massacre Ride
Gila Bend AZ

Big Bike Friendly ride through the ghost town of Sundad, the Oatman Massacre site, with a stop in Gila Bend at Sophia's for lunch.